Blueblood French Bulldogs

More about our quality

When I started out looking for my first frenchie several years ago, I did not know what I know now. Yes I studied about the breed and looked at a lot of puppy ads.

She was a wonderful pick for my first French bulldog and I would not have replaced her for the world. But over the years I have learned what to look for as far as structure, health, personality and the many beautiful colors the frenchie world can offer. 

Do I have a favorite color? No. I have several colors that I produce and that is wonderful, but I do concentrate more on the quality and temperament. 

Quality for me is a nice flat face, muscular body, short legs, perfect tail and they have a proud strong gait when they walk. 

Temperament would be sociable, eager to learn, bold and playful and able to bond well with their family. 

French bulldogs are intelligent and eager to please. Especially if there is a treat in your hand! They are comical and fun to be around. They know the routine in the home and adapt well to ones lifestyle.

They do require attention because they do not know they are dogs and think of themselves as just another family member. 

Please read about the breed and look for only a good quality puppy with a committed breeder and not just one out to make a buck.

Sadly there are a lot of those breeders out there that produce as many puppies as they can from poor quality dogs. 

More about our commitment 

We stand by our puppies and honer our commitment to you. I know you are investing a lot of your hard earned money and would like to know you are getting only the best. Our puppies are given a clean bill of health before they leave. We also give a one year health guarantee. 

I am available all the time if you have a question or concern or just want to share pictures and updates on your new puppy. We like to keep in touch with our buyers and get updates every now and then over the years.